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How many channels do we really need?

I was recently posed the following question:

Do you really need to offer a million different channels of contact to customers?

and being an impulsive individual my instant reaction was ……

Absolutely not, you could limit your customers to a single congestion point that has both finite capacity and often limited availability.  However in doing this you would be ignoring the dramatic changes happening in society today, namely;

  • Our lower tolerance thresholds, especially whenever we have to wait in a queue now that the majority of us have become time precious
  • The twenty four hour society in which we now live
  • Our desire to self serve, when was the last time you queued in a bank to withdraw money?
  • The growing technology awareness of all generations, whether via computer or mobile devices.  Internet browsing is now cited by the BBC as the number one pastime for the retired, overtaking gardening.

Increasing commoditisation and globalisation often means that intangibles such as customer service are the only differentiators between organisations, planning and executing a multi-channel strategy could be the vital difference.

So, was I just being impulsive or do I reflect the increasing frustration that seems evident when trying to contact a large faceless organisation?

Author: Mark Chamberlain - Published: 18 May 2007


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